Donate to support an inclusive society in Singapore, get an NFT designed by artists with disabilities

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have often been associated with greed, fraud and deception, but like many things digital, there also many ways to make good use of the new technology.

In Singapore, if you donate to a charity that enables persons with disabilities to live in an inclusive society, you get a unique NFT that is themed with this year’s National Day Parade (NDP).

This fundraising effort for the SG Enable programme, which aims to create a community space to integrate persons with disabilities in society, has been extended from August 21 to the end of August.

Every donation of S$399 and above will enable donors to redeem a unique NDP-themed NFT designed by artists with disabilities.

All donations of at least S$200 will be eligible for a tax deduction of 2.5 times the donation value and receive a commemorative campaign NFT.

IMAGE: Artwork by Eng Yong Chua, which is offered as an NFT for donors to SG Enable, a charity that enables persons with disabilities to live in an inclusive society.

“I am happy to know that my artwork will be gifted to donors,” said Eng Yong Chuan, 31, one of the artists, at the SIA-Minds Employment Development Centre.

“I love drawing, you can support me by donating, so that I can have more art lessons to learn from others,” he added.

Another artist, Ong Xin Min, also from the development centre, was elated upon hearing that her work would be featured in this year’s NDP. She had long dreamt about having an audience for her artwork.

“It took me a month to complete the artwork, having put in a lot of efforts,” said the 23-year-old. “I hope artists like me will be included and acknowledged. I wish to learn more to get more experience and improve my art.”

IMAGE: Artwork by Ong Xin Min, who had long dreamt about having an audience for her artwork and spent a month creating this piece.

The funds raised will go towards programmes at an “enabling village” located in Redhill and managed by charity SG Enable. These include the first inclusive preschool and first inclusive gym in Singapore.

The location also serves as a focal point to improve inclusive training and employment, with all on-site partners committing to training or hiring persons with disabilities, according to the organisers of the fundraising effort.

SG Enable is working with The Good Blockchain, a non-profit organisation using NFT and blockchain to empower charities, as well as Automata Network, which provides a privacy middleware layer for Web3.

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