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Why Deeptech Times?

AI, blockchain, decentralisation, metaverse, robotics, space tech, quantum computing and Web3 – these are among the group of deep technologies that are imminent on the horizon and inextricably entwined with all the activities of business and organisations.

As the pace of technology change increases, enterprises and business leaders will have to grasp the options offered for their continued financial health and relevance. This is by no means easy. New technologies are challenging to understand and even more painful to adopt and deploy successfully.

We founded Deeptech Times to offer enterprises, business leaders and policy makers a lens through which they can better understand the progress of these technologies and their consequent issues so that they can make informed decisions. Our lens will particularly zoom in on Asia Pacific where the inventions and innovations and their deployment are occurring rapidly too. 

We want to create conversations with enterprises on the issues they face as they apply advanced technologies to better performance and the communities they live in. We will continue the conversations with the deep tech sector to better understand the challenges of technology adoption. We care about sustainability and innovations that address climate change, the future of transportation, space-age connectivity and exploration, and life science breakthroughs.

Deeptech Times offers industry news, features and interviews that are insightful and analytical, across various multimedia formats including text, video, audio, graphics and experiential events. We bring trusted journalism and information to help business leaders navigate the deep tech landscape with confidence.

Deeptech Times is a media publication of Autonomous Future Productions.


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