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The faces of deep tech

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Public and private sector must set moonshot goal in GenAI, says AI pioneer Dr Fei-Fei Li
One of the world’s foremost AI scientist, Dr Fei-Fei Li believes that data has to be a first-class citizen in the world of AI.
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Interview with Stella Lim, COO, Partior: The dawn of Web3 banking in Asia Pacific
Deeptech Times sat down with Stella Lim, chief operating officer of Partior, for this two-part series to gather her views on the imminence of Web3 banking in Asia, challenges faced by regional banks during the transition, and overcoming the institutional inertia of traditional banks against change.
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Ensign InfoSecurity builds home-grown AI cybersecurity innovations
ChatGPT is trained on billions of web pages which are held in its computer memory and which form a reference model for making conversations and predictions. It is trained on large language models and deep learning techniques. Local cybersecurity firm Ensign InfoSecurity has used the same techniques to build AI systems to detect and avoid threats like ransomware and other malware.
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Web3 offers new ways to tell stories on video, says Singapore-based Candee Labs
Singapore-based video content company is striving ahead with Web3, convinced the underlying blockchain technology would enable more equitability for creators and fans to collaborate, so they can share experiences and develop new stories. Candee, the parent company behind the independent Viddsee Web video platform, believes this will bring video storytelling to the next level.
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The crossing between art and technology: Up close with artist Jacky Tsai
Deeptech Times caught up with London-based contemporary artist Jacky Tsai, on his foray into NFTs and how technology is shaping the world of art.
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Ensure data integrity, set up governance committees before starting on GenAI projects, says AI expert
Data science and AI expert Dr David Hardoon highlighted that this is a complex challenge for policy makers who want to regulate GeneAI and its tools like ChatGPT. Technology has always been a double-edged sword for it can do good and harm, said Dr Hardoon, chief executive of Aboitiz Data Innovation and chief data science and AI officer, UnionBank Philippines.
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Best AI practices and ethical guidelines, not strict laws, are best for managing GenAI, says IBM APAC head
“The way to regulate GenAI is not through strict laws, but coming up with a consensus and a set of norms that are agreed to and abided by industry and regulators,” said Paul Burton, general manager of IBM APAC.

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Powering the new retail in Asia Pacific with next-generation innovations

Retail’s Big Show is the signature global retail event held in New York City annually, and has been ranked as one the top 200 events in North America and one of the 50 fastest-growing trade events internationally. With support from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the Asia Pacific edition of Retail’s Big Show – NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show Asia Pacific, will be held in Singapore on June 11-13, 2024 for the first time. The NRF Innovation Lab, a key highlight of the show, is expected to showcase the most visionary retail technologies ranging from AI, AR/VR to blockchain, robotics and Web3. Deeptech Times finds out from Ryf Quail, managing director for NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show Asia Pacific at Comexposium, about the transformative power of next-generation technology on the retail landscape in Asia Pacific and how regional consumers are responding to these exciting innovations.

Harnessing deep tech for innovation: Richard Im, Head of Cloud and Data Analytics, CelcomDigi

Imagine a future in which food security can be enhanced with smart farming. Deeptech Times caught up with Richard Im, head of cloud and data analytics at CelcomDigi, on the sidelines of the Malaysian CIO Network (MCION) Conference held in Penang, on his views about emerging deep tech, how enterprises can harness generative and voice AI for competitive advantage and customer experience; alongside the use of space technology and analytics in solving real-world problems, and what CIOs and IT leaders have to consider when deploying deep tech.

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