OpenLive NFT Marketplace, “first in Southeast Asia”, launched in Vietnam

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A new non-fungible token (NFT) trading platform, called OpenLive NFT Marketplace, was launched last week in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, promising to be the first one in Southeast Asia to enable people to buy, sell and exchange these digital assets.

Besides helping to mint new works of art, the new marketplace also says it would preserve old ones by turning them into digital assets that are unique and belong to only one owner on the Internet, The Star reported.

The new NFT marketplace is opened by the folks behind the OpenLive project, who last year said they had established a US$1 million fund to invest in unique and potential NFT projects in the blockchain space. So far, the new marketplace is said to have signed up 30 local and overseas partners.

Of course, the new marketplace needs to contend with more popular and established ones like the OpenSea and Foundation.

Plus, any new marketplace needs to build its credibility amid much hype as well as skepticism with NFTs. OpenLive’s NFT Marketplace seems unfinished in some parts, with Lorem Ipsum placeholder text still used on the website. The number of items for sale also seems limited.

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