Plantation company in Malaysia deploys space tech to help meet ESG goals

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Image: SC Solutions

Musang Valley Plantation (MVP) in Malaysia is utilising advanced Earth observation (EO) data and analytics solutions provided by SpaceChain’s U.S.-based SC Solutions to implement sustainable practices and help meet its environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives. 

SC Solutions will serve as the long-term representative partner for greenhouse gas validation and verification to enhance and support MVP’s ESG programmes, through understanding its operations and assessing the greenhouse gas absorptions of the plantations in the past years using the I-Sat platform, as well as providing annual reports to MVP detailing the results of greenhouse gas storage efforts. 

SC Solutions’ comprehensive space tech solutions incorporate EO satellite imagery analysis, advanced data processing algorithms, and machine learning techniques for accurate biomass estimation and validation. 

By leveraging its expertise in EO data interpretation and software development, SC Solutions is committed to delivering an insightful tool that extensively supports MVP’s objectives in promoting environmental sustainability.

“SC Solutions is at the forefront of space-for-Earth applications and EO solutions. We are confident in meeting our ESG objectives through leveraging the state-of-the-art intelligence and analytics system provided by SC Solutions,” said Nelson Neo, co-founder of Musang Valley Plantation.

Image: SC Solutions

Transforming vast swaths of raw data into actionable insights by leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, including deep learning and neural networks, I-Sat’s precision analytics offer an unparalleled deep dive into Earth’s observational data. 

The platform’s state-of-the-art AI analytics, hyperspectral capabilities, and intuitive visualisation techniques make complex EO data comprehensible, accessible, and actionable.

“We are very excited to be working with MVP to drive sustainable plantation practices in Southeast Asia and address environmental challenges facing the region,” said Cliff Beek, CEO of SC Solutions. “We look forward to helping MVP reinvent and modernise the plantation industry in the long term through the transformative power of our space-based systems and infrastructure.”

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