Semiconductor startup opens US$2 billion factory in Singapore

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Co-founder and CEO of Silicon Box Dr. Byung Joon Han (right) showing EDB chairman Png Cheong Boon the production facility. Image source: Silicon Box

Singapore-based startup Silicon Box opened its US$2 billion advanced manufacturing facility in the Republic to provide special semiconductor design and device integration services. 

The two-year-old Silicon Box seeks to broaden the adoption of chiplet technology. It is focussed on the shortest chiplet-to-chiplet interconnection technology to achieve high-performance integration. Chiplets are tiny components with special features  that can be built into larger semiconductor chips.

It looking to create up to 1,200 professionals with computer science, engineering and digital design backgrounds with the help of the Economic Development Board (EDB)

Silicon Box was started by the founders of US chipmaker Marvell Technology , Sehat Sutardja and wife Weili Dai, along with current chief executive BJ Han.

The factory which is the size of more than 10 football fields, was opened today by Png Cheong Boon, EDB chairman and the three Silicon Box co-founders. 

Singapore’s reputation as a global innovation hub and skilled talent pool led Silicon Box to build its factory in Singapore, said CEO Han on Thursday.

“Our proprietary technology will not only shorten the design cycle of chips but also lower new device costs, reduce power consumption and enable faster time-to-market for industry partners like artificial intelligence, data centres, and electronic vehicles,” he said at the opening.  

According to the company, Silicon Box is on track to revolutionise the advanced semiconductor manufacturing industry with its proprietary technology. 

By 2027 the narrowest definition of chiplets will find a market for chiplet-based processors of more than US$135 billion, said the company. With the acceleration of chiplet adoption in consumer and automotive markets, it expects the total available market expand to more than US$205 billion by 2032.

Silicon Box has raised US$208 million in Series A funding from the founders and venture capital firms such as BRV Capital and Ignite Foundation Fund. Series B is currently ongoing. 

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